What is the European Powerlifting Conference?

The European Powerlifting Conference is the world’s number 1 educational event for powerlifters. Bringing together the greatest athletes and coaches on the planet to share their ideas and experiences and help bring the powerlifting community to a new level


Brett Gibbs

Mike Tuchscherer

Dr. Mike Israetel

Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum

Greg Nuckols

Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro

Eric Helms



We will be joined by some of the biggest names in powerlifting. It offers a great opportunity to share ideas and meet people who love the sport.


Powerlifting is a sport which is continuing to grow at a massive rate. At EPC we will be welcoming people who are at the forefront of powerlifting and working to push it to the next level


EPC offers great opportunities to meet some of the biggest names in powerlifting, enabling collaborate and communicate ideas with a diverse group of people